Podcast Marketing Best Practices

You’re a podcaster. But there’s another name for what you are: a storyteller. So when it comes to marketing your show, think of it as telling the story of your podcast. Use these tips and best practices to help get the word out, so your show can find listeners everywhere.

Fundamentals of Podcast Marketing

Because first impressions are the most lasting, you want your show’s to be good — right out of the gate. And that starts with understanding the basics for marketing it.

Package and Present Your Show

Getting your show ready for the big time requires some thoughtful behind-the-scenes work. That means nailing down the look and feel of your show, as well as how you describe it.

Audience Development

Fans of your show are out there. They just don’t know they’re fans yet. This is where you and your amazing storytelling skills come into play. For you to find them and them to find you, you’ll need to leverage tools like social media, email, and perhaps video.

Apple Marketing Tools and Resources

You want it to be easy for listeners to subscribe to your show. So do we. That’s why we created nifty badges for you to use. It’s official Apple branding that makes it beyond simple for people to go from curious cat to loyal listener in one tap.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Mistakes happen. But not if you can help it, right? Here are a few suggestions from us when it comes to marketing your show.